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If you enjoy marijuana...and you live in San Francisco, are planning a trip, or wish to visit...THIS IS THE TRAVEL GUIDE FOR YOU!

Get The Top 20 Secret Stoner Spots of San Francisco TODAY and begin to enjoy the new found freedoms of 420 travel in the 21st century!

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A New Travel Guide Series for Stoners

Capturing the Secret San Francisco Stoner Experience

The FIRST and ONLY Travel Guide for Smoking Weed in San Francisco!

Each secret stoner spot in this handbook is segmented into three simple approaches to achieving maximum stoner discovery: getting there, smoking there, and hanging out there. We will make sure you get to the right location by tapping into new smartphone searching and map capabilities, find parking or take public transportation, and identify surrounding districts that may pique your interest. Next, we will immerse you into each spot’s special smoking experience, best places to sit and ponder, best views of San Francisco landmarks, best places to score weed, and the best approaches to truly maximize your stoner experience. Then, before or after your smoking ‘sesh, we have also included all of the pertinent information on the other aspects, beyond marijuana smoking, that make this spot special. We will tell you where to shop, find activities, and other historical details that make these spots uniquely San Francisco.  Of course, we have rounded out the usability of the guide by providing dozens of full color photographs and custom maps geared toward simplifying and maximizing your smoking tour.

Here is what you will find inside:

  • Over 140 pages with full color photos, hand drawn maps, and complete descriptions from the marijuana lover's perspective.
  • Discover the Top 20 most secluded, private, and spectacular secret stoner spots in San Francisco
  • Learn about San Francisco's unique marijuana culture, laws, and customs
  • Locate secret spots to score weed easily, consistently, and safely
  • Find where to meet other mature stoners and cannabis enthusiasts
  • Identify the best views and photo opportunities while enjoying cannabis
  • Explore the best secret smoking spots closest to hotels and world-class San Francisco attractions
  • Reveal how to get to each spot safely, where to park, and where to hang out
  • Locate smoking accessories and legitimate weed dispensaries in the City
  • Learn what to wear and where to shop
  • Satisfy your snacking urges at one of our Top 10 Munchie Zones of San Francisco
  • Unearth exclusive stoner secrets, long lost marijuana history, and treasured hidden access ways
  • BOTTOM LINE: This book will provide a step-by-step guide for stoners to have fun in SF!

Marijuana has a unique ability to comprehensively improve your mood, induce relaxation, increase receptiveness to new concepts, and intensify all of your senses, especially sight, sound, and taste… all attributes that will greatly improve your travels to new lands and allow you to focus your itinerary on those activities that will optimize your happiness and pleasure centers. This new travel series is intended to help guide you through this process, all from the perspective of an experienced marijuana smoker and world traveler.

Discover San Francisco's Cannabis Smoking Secrets!

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  • Limited edition signed and numbered author's proof printed guidebook, 8.5" x 5.5" full color photos and maps
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"Your Top 20 stoner guide was a perfect gift for my brother before he left for college in San Francisco. Of course, it’s a great guide when I visit, too! San Francisco is an awesome city for stoners! Thanks, Emjay! "
–Chris, NYC, New York

"I bought your San Francisco guidebook before our visit this summer and was very impressed with how thorough and accurate your descriptions of each spot were. My girlfriend and I smoked at the western overlooks and both secret beaches and loved each and every moment. Where will your next guide take us?"
– Franklin and Liz, South Carolina

"My husband thought your guide would be a great gag gift (since I’m a closeted stoner), and we were about to vacation in San Francisco for a week. Well, your guide was a awesome, as I was able to buy weed and make our trip totally stress free, thanks to your book. The photos and maps were no joke and we have lent the guide to our friends also planning trips to SF… oops, did we give away the secrets? Sorry! Haha.
– Stacy and Josh, Sacramento

"I’m a Bay Area native, and you have managed to capture the mystique and fun of smoking weed in San Francisco in one great guide. This is a fantastic concept and I hope more stoners will be free to travel the US and the world soon! It’s time for us to be free!"
– Ben, Los Angeles

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The Top 20 Secret Stoner Spots of San Francisco!

If you want to enjoy marijuana in San Francisco, this is the TRAVEL GUIDE FOR YOU!

Sure, San Francisco has cable cars, crab, and crusty sourdough bread, but what you may not know is that this world-class city is also one of the best for marijuana enthusiasts to visit, and this new travel book will serve as your guide. After exhaustive research, literally thousands of miles walking the city, intensive searching, dozens of interviews, and seasonal visits for over three years, we have compiled twenty of our absolute favorite, secret, and intriguing smoking spots in San Francisco, and are sharing them only with you and our Secret Stoner Spot community!

IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR ALL READERS: Use this guide at your own risk!

This book is for entertainment purposes only. Smoking, consuming, or possessing cannabis, edibles, or concentrates in public, or driving under the influence of cannabis, is illegal in the City and County of San Francisco and the State of California. Although the author, publisher, and Secret Stoner Spots, LLC have taken all reasonable care in preparing this book, we make no warranty about the accuracy or completeness of its content and, to the maximum extent permitted, disclaim all liability arising from its use.

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"Exploration and marijuana are perfect partners, breeding a reverence for nature and people, sparking intrigue into history and culture, and enhancing tastes for new food finds and local delicacies."

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About the Author: Emjay Franco is a lifelong lover of marijuana, travel, and food. He has enjoyed all forms of local fare and 420 across the U.S. and around the world, including remote secret smoking spots in Asia, Europe, and South America. Mr. Franco and his team combine the best recreational facets of cannabis, excursion, and cuisine into comprehensive travel guides, and share their discoveries with other mature, responsible marijuana enthusiasts everywhere.

As views supporting weed smoking continue to relax, we feel it is important to assist marijuana smokers in their travels by seeking, smoking at, and suggesting the best secret stoner spots, and to ensure comfortable, safe, fun, and surprising marijuana-centered adventures.  Add your email address to our discrete mailing list (we will never sell or release to anyone), and keep updated on advancements in marijuana travel, secret invitations to Secret Stoner Spot events, and updates to our travel guides. Enjoying cannabis while traveling is fun… and we are here to help!

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Where are the Secret Stoner Spots of San Francisco?

This comprehensive and fun Top 20 List will guide you through the four primary secret smoking sectors of the City, starting on the eastern edge of the Embarcadero, near the picturesque Ferry Building, majestic Bay Bridge, and the San Francisco Giants baseball stadium. Next, we head to the northern tip of the peninsula where secret stoner spots are interspersed near world-class tourist attractions such as Pier 39, Fisherman’s Wharf, and the iconic Golden Gate Bridge. Then we continue down to the western “beachy” zones of the City where sunny days meet predictable foggy evenings at secret spots along the coast. Finally, we conclude our tour with a complete excursion through San Francisco’s best-hidden inner city stoner spots where only long-time local stoners know their hidden treasures. Lastly, within each section, we have included a special “Secrets” section to truly immerse you into the hidden stories, cross connections, and stoner history that each secret spot reveals. It’s all part of the fun of being a Secret Stoner!

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As Featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!

When we set out to create this guide, we wanted to ensure we wrote it from the marijuana lover’s perspective. It needed to be comprehensive, descriptive, and directional as other travel guides are, but it also needed to take into account special considerations specific to smoking marijuana in public: privacy, access to cannabis and fellow smokers, comfortable seating locations, best wind protection, neighborhood acceptance, underlying weed culture, and more. In addition, Secret Stoner Spots are also selected for their natural beauty, viewing points, proximity to landmarks, food, and attractions, as well as “wow factor” in showcasing the city and how that location enhances the marijuana smoking experience. 

Our intent with our first guide is to identify the best spots in San Francisco to enjoy weed and all of the incredible amenities this unique city is known for. We will first guide you to those zones, and then pinpoint those secret spots with the best views, most privacy, and highest neighborhood acceptance of marijuana smoking. In addition, we only pick those spots where you will have access to the most activities, choicest shopping, and best food options. And yes, we will tell you the best places where you will have the best chances to score weed. In other words, this book is an essential tool for all stoners to enjoy the best that San Francisco has to offer. Get your copy today!

Of course, to satisfy your eventual munchie urges, we have included a special section dedicated to San Francisco’s best gourmet food spots. In fact, we even pared it down to our Top 10 Best Munchie Spots in San Francisco, including proximity to secret stoner spots and a hint at what varied gourmet offerings await you in this world-renowned “foodie” town. As a marijuana enthusiast, you are going to love all of the choices in store, and we will make sure you have access to only the tastiest, succulent, and most stoner-satisfying fare available in the City. Especially assembled for our Secret Stoners, the included list of San Francisco Munchie Zones is tailored to getting the best food within easy access of our Top 20 secret smoking spots. We have selected these spots for their wide variety of delicious fare, including San Francisco staples such as sourdough bread, steamed crabs, and local craft brews, as well as international favorites such as Italian, Asian, and Japanese delicacies. Enjoy the unique and varied tastes of San Francisco, a world-class epicurean city unlike any other, and let this guide be your finger-licking ticket to flavor and fun!

Bong Appetit'!