The Secret Stoner Spots Code:

Part of being a member of the Secret Stoner Community is adhering to a special creed of sorts that provides a standard of decorum when smoking and enjoying marijuana in public. Therefore, we ask that you raise your weed-smoking fingers, assume the smoking position, and formally accept to adhere to the following Secret Stoner Code:

•  I will safely enjoy smoking in new locations and will seek to preserve their access for my fellow Secret Stoners

and future generations to come.

•  I will be proud of my love of marijuana smoking and through my actions will not tarnish the image of

responsible cannabis enthusiasts.

•  I will contain my smoking to my personal space and will avoid smoking near children, even if they

encroach the space near me.

•  I will respect nature and tolerate the beliefs of people around me and will represent

responsible marijuana smokers with dignity.

•  I will leave no trace of my visit to these secret smoking spots.

•  I will have fun, spend my travel dollars, and focus my tourism towards those cities and travel providers

that openly welcome marijuana enthusiasts.

As Featured on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon!